Little Angel British Nursery was founded in 2006 in Sharjah, UAE. We have expertise in educating and training children between the ages of 1 to 4 years. Research shows that ages of 0-4 years is critical for brain development. The knowledge & skills that a child learns in this age will help build his or her health, learning and behavior which can last throughout his or her life. At Little Angel British Nursery, we provide the perfect environment for a child to learn, grow and flourish. Most importantly, the child overcomes separation anxiety from parents, develops self-help skills, learns discipline and the joy of sharing.


Our students have gotten admission into top schools such as Millennium, DPS, Choueifat, Dubai Scholars, Our Own, KGS… etc. Our nursery is well known among all top schools and our children pass the assessment for KG1 and KG2 with flying colors. We also have alliance with Scholars International School (British Curriculum) and Ryan Star International School (Indian CBSE Curriculum), where our nursery students get first preference for admission. The success of our nursery children is a testimonial for the high quality of Pre-School education that we provide.


All our Teachers have Diploma in Early Childhood Education or are Montessori Certified. Our Teachers have more than 3 years of teaching experience in Pre-School education. They are highly committed to their profession and help children achieve their maximum potential in academics, communication skills and personality development.

Our Arts & Craft Teacher brings out the artist in every child and teaches how to create a masterpiece out of a simple cardboard and glue stick. It’s a pure delight when a child brings home to his or her parent a unique piece of artwork which he or she created from scratch.

Our Teachers are from different nationalities and backgrounds. This helps us maintain a diverse and well-balanced cultural environment at the Nursery. The Teachers use English as the medium of teaching but also understand various different languages. This makes parents feel more at ease that our teachers can communicate more effectively with young toddlers who speak only in their native language and are not yet exposed to the English language.


We have Nannies who help the nursery children with their self-help skills such as potty training, eating, drinking, and washing up. Our nannies deserve a lot of appreciation for their hard work and patience.

We have a Full-time MOH qualified Nurse to attend to the children in case of any emergency. She is an expert at First aid treatment and maintains daily health records of all the children. We also have Pediatrician Doctor who visits our Nursery once a week to conduct over-all health checks for the children.

We have our own Bus service and a Bus driver for picking up and dropping off our Staff and Children who attend the Nursery and Day Care. A Female Bus attendant always travels along with the children to ensure that they are picked up and dropped off safely and on time.

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